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Services Garment Design Offer

Complete Digital Pattern Making, Drafting by CAD (Updated Version)
Grading the patterns from base pattern to many sizes as you specify
Translating designs or sketches into complete apparel pattern, ready to cut and sewing
Designing, Technical drawings / Flat sketches (Techpack) making
Developing patterns scratch to Standard or Custom size
Making patterns from ready-made Garments and Measurements
Fittings and corrections based on Update
Trial samples development with CAD Pattern
Shipment to any where as your needs
Embroidery Design Development
Apparel Techpack Designing
Free Support Online & Remote

About Garment Designing in India

What is Garment? It is a common question for many people. Actually a garment is a piece of clothing which is manufactured by fabric or textile materials for protecting human body and decorated purpose. These materials can be natural, cellulose andsynthetic fibers. There are many types of garments like woven or knitted with different names and uses. Garments can both metaphorically and literally bear the imprint of its wearers as objects that have been worn, carried or used to adorn, their persons. 

Classification of Garments: 
Garments could be classified based on several aspects as there is no standard classification system available. However, the garments could be classified based on the gender as male or female, or age as children’s garments. Generally, based on use,style and material, different varieties of garments show different styles. 

Why choose us

Experience - Since 2004
With 16 years of experience in the Garments studio industry, we employ only empirical formulas to ensure that you are a 100% satisfied.
Good Customer Repeat Rate
Attention to detail to your needs combined with a fast and efficient customer service, today we are the first line of choice for many families, individuals, companies and industries.
we are well trained and experienced designer. we are expertise in Woven, Knits, Leather pattern making, Leean Patterns and have artistic working style in this industry.
Attentions To Details
We give more importance to details. If we make 100 tiny stuffs in excellant way, on the whole the design looks awesome so we take even tiny elements into considereation while designing.
customer satisfaction
We endeavour to provide the best customer experience possible. All our policies are aimed at you having a truly extra-ordinary experience
Instant Pattern
Buy Complete ready use CAD Patterns of Your Required Styles,Designs By DXF Printed Patterns

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