The mission of Garments Design Studio  Services is to be the acknowledged leader in IP and data services to corporate customers globally. To meet this mission, Garments Design Studio  Services has adopted a vision statement that reads, in part: “to select suppliers committed to delivering the highest quality products and services, with worldwide cost competitiveness. We seek suppliers who have innovative technology and business techniques."

Garments Design Studio  Services strive to conduct its business in a manner that reflects this vision. As our sourcing base expands, Garments Design Studio  Services will only do business with vendors who are committed to our goals. All of our vendors are required to support our vision and values. they are also responsible for making sure that our vision is adhered to when subcontracting any portion of its obligations to Garments Design Studio  Services. Vendors are individually responsible for ensuring that their employees understand and adhere to Garments Design Studio  Services policy.

Business conduct

All vendors of Garments Design Studio  Services must operate within the bounds of all applicable laws. They must also adhere to the governing standards of the country and international countries in which they conduct business. If at anytime a vendor ceases to meet the requirements of the country in which they are doing business, Garments Design Studio  Services reserves the right to immediately cancel all its outstanding orders with that vendor as well as terminate its agreement with the vendor.

Garments Design Studio  Services believe in corporate citizenship. Garments Design Studio  Services is committed to protecting the environment wherever it does business. As a responsible corporate citizen we will favor those vendors who share our commitment to the community and the environment, as well as those who conform to all local requirements regarding environmental codes and guidelines.

Vendor obligation

Any vendor conducting business with Garments Design Studio  Services is expected to fulfill the following basic responsibilities:

  • To handle all written and personal communications with the company through procurement unless instructed otherwise by procurement. If the communication with Garments Design Studio  Services is for technical reasons, procurement is to receive copies of all correspondence and be kept informed of any oral communications
  • To negotiate purchasing contracts and all sales with procurement only
  • To conduct negotiations ethically, without attempts to influence through offering valuable personal gifts or entertainment
  • To make available through procurement, or other designated company representatives, all available technical, engineering, systems, policies, and services that might improve the company’s present or future use of vendor’s products and services
  • To advise Garments Design Studio  Services of any new products as soon as such information is available
  • To suggest ways and means of conducting joint efforts in research and development that might be of benefit to both companies
  • To inform Garments Design Studio  Services of changes in economic or other conditions that might affect purchasing or operating decisions
  • To inquire through a local regional director of procurement for further information concerned with selling products to the company
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